I’m Rizal Agustin

Mountaineer . Indonesian

I am not an adventurer by choice but by fate.

Born on August 14th, 1992 in a lively Bandung’s suburb. He doesn’t mind to live in a world where everyone can be friend with nature without fear of being a little thorn-scratched, crossing wet grassy fields, rugged roads, steep slopes or any other obstacles.

Getting out from his comfort zone as project estimator, recently he put his passion totally for traveling. Started his first trek on climbing mountains around Indonesia carving his passion to stick with nature. He the continously travels overland Indonesia Archipelagos.

Mount climbing is my favorite way to appreciate God’s masterpiece on earth.

So many lands and mountains to be challenged await him ahead. Surely, he doesn’t want to enjoy the beauty of nature for himself. Rizal wants many people know that Indonesia has many unspeakable beauties that ready to be met on every treks. Immortalize the journey, he captures it through camera.

Since 2011, he also dwelt in photography as he often captures the nature landscapes during his traveling, and his skill improved along the journeys. He is humbly to learn from another expert photographer he met on the journey to hone his photography skill. He chooses various multiple social media such as instagram to share his story to the world. Every moment is not only a memory to be cherished alone; every moment can be enjoyed at firts sight by anyone on his mesmerizing journey’s photographs.

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